Announces Strategies for Using Pitching Machines to Improve Baseball Swings during Off-Season

Kansas City, MO (MarketWire) December 8, 2011 – In today’s hyper competitive climate, wasting the baseball off-season is not recommended if players want to enter spring training on top of their game. Utilizing the winter months for indoor batting cage practice with pitching machines is a way to continually build hitting aptitude and stand apart from competitors once the first spring flower blooms.

It may be winter, but spring training is right around the corner. Due to the weather, full game-like practices may not be possible, however that doesn’t slow down the most dedicated baseball players from continuing to develop their skills. The baseball off season is perfect time for filling the holes on any batting swing issue.For the most savvy players and coaches, those with access to a batting cage using Master Pitching machines can simulate live pitching without the need for much space or people. Using baseball pitching machines that mimic same timing found in games against human pitchers is critical to success. “The arm throwing pitching machines not only help a hitter improve their swing, but also help them master rhythm and timing, which is a very important aspect of hitting,” said company representatives of Master Pitching Machine, “Because of this, Iron Mike pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are a batting practice favorite of professional players and coaches worldwide.”

By not being in the pressurized situation of a season schedule, baseball and softball players can focus on the fundamentals of their swing. Use Master Pitch’s commercial pitching machines to address deficiencies in skill or technique by taking advantage of the variety of pitches that can be thrown. Break down the swing and analyze closely effectiveness against fastballs, sliders and change-ups.

Having a coach or swing consultant observing from behind the batting cage nets is also very valuable. Most hitters don’t fully understand what their swings look like without an unbiased observer to aid them. Having a swing coach who is knowledgeable enough to provide feedback is an excellent strategy to avoid bad habits from forming in your swing techniques over winter break.

Master Pitching Machines offers a full range of batting accessories to make this off-season the most productive possible. To take advantage of practice time before spring training, visit for information on purchasing and/or the nearest facility using Iron Mike pitching machines.

About Master Pitching Machine, Inc.:

Master Pitching Machine was founded in 1952 and has since become a world leader in the design and production of pitching machines and batting equipment. They provide the best and most trusted commercial pitching machines in the industry today. For over 50 years, their simple, time tested engineering has helped cultivate the swings of America’s finest baseball and softball players.