Master Pitching Machine Announces Batting Cage Drills and Games to Use With a Pitching Machine

Kansas City, Missouri September 30, 2011 – Master Pitching Machines, the world leader in the design and manufacturing of pitching machines and batting cages, has released some batting cage drills and games to help hitters improve their swing.

“These drills help young hitters put the hours in that are necessary to be a successful hitter,” said a Master Pitching Machine spokesperson. “The batting cage is fun and exciting and these games help to make time spent in the cage that much more beneficial.”

From T-ball all the way up the big leagues, time spent with the pitching machine is directly related to the success of a hitter. A baseball swing shares many similarities with a golf swing where natural ability and talent will only get a player so far. Honing the mechanics of the swing are necessary for continued growth that is so important with each new level of baseball.

Master Pitching Machine started in 1952 by Paul Giovagnoli who operated a miniature golf course and driving range. Seeing the potential for opening a batting cage, Giovagnoli created 6 pitching machines. Encouraged by the success of these machines, he went on to continue designing and manufacturing ever more sophisticated pitching machines and in 1976, he founded Master Pitching Machine.

Master Pitching Machine now offers a full line of various pitching machines and batting cages. They also offer all the accessories necessary to fully furnish a batting cage. Batting cage nets, “L” screens, and pitching mounds are just a few of the items that can be found right on their site.

Master Pitching Machine even offers package deals to help customers find exactly what they need to create a batting cage. The machines from Master Pitching Machine are manufactured and shipped right from their headquarters in Kansas City.

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With nearly 60 years of experience providing the highest quality pitching machines, Master Pitching Machine has everything you need to create a high quality batting cage. The baseball pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine has made them the world leader in the design and production of pitching machines and batting cage equipment – a position they are sure to hold for years to come.