Batting Cages and Pitching Machine Rules

Not only are batting cages an extremely valuable asset for any hitter, they are also a lot of fun. Many baseball and softball hitters feel that hitting is the most fun part of the sport, and when you get to face pitch after pitch from pitching machines that can throw all the pitches a live pitcher can, it can be an almost addicting activity. However, despite how much fun pitching machines are and how consistently accurate they are, everyone who steps into the cage should have a healthy respect for the inherent danger involved in facing high speed pitching. This is not meant to scare or deter anyone from visiting the batting cage, but all too often accidents happen in the batting cage from not knowing the rules and not respecting them. As simple as they are, if followed correctly, accidents will be avoided and hitters can hone their skills while staying safe.

The first and perhaps most obvious rule is to always wear a helmet in the cage. Sometimes a pitch can go astray or you can foul one off the bat that comes right at your head. Sometimes balls can even bounce off the cage. Unlikely as these situations are, it would be both aggravating and embarrassing to get injured in the batting cage from something as simple as not wearing a helmet. Even if you are using your backyard pitching machines, always wear a helmet.

Another very important rule is to never operate the pitching machine in less than ideal weather conditions. This means if it is raining or even excessively windy, you should not use the pitching machines. Also, if the batting cage is not well lit, don’t hit.

If someone is feeding the pitching machines, always make sure they are behind an L screen that is in good condition. If you are hitting at a batting cage with an automatic feeder, never cross to the other side of the cage in the middle of the session. Always wait until the light has turned off to enter or exit the cage or to switch to the other side of the plate.

The most important thing is to have a healthy respect for pitching machines.  Whether from baseball pitching machines or softball pitching machines, the balls are being delivered very fast and can do a lot of damage. But if these rules are followed, any hitter will be able to avoid any unlikely mishaps and have a great time at the batting cages. Follow these rules and enjoy improving your hitting!