Reasons to Install a Batting Cage in your Backyard

Nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a product or service you want, right at your fingertips at home. This is one of the driving factors to why people install in-house gyms and offices. Athletes, too, have been building their own training facilities at home, in varying levels of quality, in order to improve and push their skills at their own convenience. For baseball and softball players, many feel they are limited from hitting practice unless they have the means to get to a field or access to commercial pitching machines. However, due to the growth of consumer batting cages, one can now install a state-of-the-art system right in the backyard. Read on to learn how installing a batting cage right at home can save time, money and drastically improve hitting skills.

Contrary to what some may assume, you don’t need a ton of space to install a baseball batting cage on your property. Batting cages come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are batting cages designed to fit into the average sized backyard so that baseball loving families everywhere can enjoy their usage. Among the options are rectangular cages, radial cages and tent tops. An affordable backyard pitching machine complements the cage system and ensures rapid hitting skill development due to the convenience of having the ability to practice right from home. If you are tired of battling crowds at practice facilities, consider building your own batting cages right in your backyard. Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Batting Cage Practice Time with Pitching Machines

Developing your swing through batting practice is an integral part of becoming a proficient baseball player. Time spent in a batting cage with pitching machines can quickly develop the skills you most need. Read on to learn how repetition, variety and focus in batting cage practice will improve skill sets quickly.

When practicing your swing in a batting cage, it is important that the pitching machines you are using are set to the right speed. Differing speeds are needed for differing ages and skill levels. Pitching machines can continually throw high-speed pitches for as long as you’d like. They are effective tools towards getting the whole team literally up-to-speed, in record time, with batting cage practice.

The Rules of Batting Cages and Pitching Machines

Batting cages are a very fun and very important part of the growth and maturity of a hitter. Being a successful hitter at any level is something that requires a lot of practice and dedication.  Because of the amount of practice that is needed, live pitching is not always available which means hitters have to find other ways of getting in their cuts. Luckily, pitching machines are advanced enough to where they can deliver all the pitches that a live pitcher can, which offers the best and most consistent practice option. But before anyone enters the cage, there are a few rules they should be aware of so that nobody gets hurt. Read more to learn about batting cage and pitching machines rules. Continue reading

Batting Cage Drills and Games to Use with a Pitching Machine

Time spent in the batting cage is directly related to the success of a hitter during a game.There is no way around it, competing with the pitching machine is absolutely necessary for any hitter serious about improving his or her swing. For some, pitch after pitch can become a little monotonous. Analyzing the position of the elbow and hip during every millisecond of a swing has a way of sucking a little of the fun out of it. However, there are things to do to make time in the batting cage both more fun and more productive. Read more to learn some great drills and games for the batting cage.